Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Imagine a white sand island with two iconic palm trees surrounded by bright turquoise water. As us crew-mates awoke, this was our scenery, our picturesque surrounding. Several people on the boat even rose early with the rising sun to watch the colors spill across the sky. After I got over my pure awe of the area around me, I knew it would be a good day; starting with an easy sail to West End. This became quite disconcerting because we were in the port we had first started at. Another sad and surprising reminder that our trip is quickly coming to a close. We ventured around the stores and restaurant in the area, enjoying a little shopping and smoothies (always a great combination). We then, after a fair amount of time in West End’s colorfully painted stores, took to the helm again. We sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island, all of us shipmates working the boat. Finally able to take on sailing this monohull all by ourselves. Great Harbor is another spot that we had sailed to just at the very start of the trip. I laugh as I compare our visit today to the previous- then being polite and perhaps awkward, now we sing (in our most obnoxious voices) and poke fun at each other. Today was another reminder of how much our shenanigans with one another will be missed.