Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

As I begin to write this blog, I realize that last year I was also the skipper on this same day. I am going to write this as if you are here reader:
`You wake up at Mountain Point to the smell of french toast. As you walk out of your cabin, Alisa tells you you need your PFD on because you are going to shore. You ask where to, and Alisa respond ‘the lovely Leverick Bay”. You get a rush of excitement since this is the first time you get your phone back since you gave it in. You and the rest of the boat chill on the trampoline on your way there. Once docked, you grab your phone and money from Ashley and head to the supermarket. You load up on all your favorite snacks and drinks. You try to walk with friends to Pusser’s then realize it’s only 8:30 so it must be closed. You find a table to sit at and wait till it opens. Once it opens, you end up buying a T-shirt. You then return to the boat and go to Mountain Point to do a search and recovery dive. After the dive, you have PBandJ for lunch. After that, you head out to anchor and take a shower. Now you’re sitting at a table writing a blog and waiting to go to the BBQ.