Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had an early start to go dive the Rhone. We started with the story of the wreck. It was said that the Rhone was escaping a hurricane and drifted into the rocks. While the ship was sinking the crew tied the passengers to the bunks to keep everyone from panicking. So when you dive the Rhone it is said you can hear the dead souls. The water was crystal clear for our amazing dive. After we sailed around the corner to hike Salt Island. Every year the queen of England gets a pound of salt from salt island. Later we sailed back to Great Harbor, Peter Island and we did rescue training. Sam surprised us with a pre-training scenario and we saved a scuba tank. We saved the tank in 7 minutes. Along with our scenario we did underwater rescue training for panicked divers. Later we had dinner with Mike’s wife, Jo, and their son, Kai. All in all it was a great day, great weather. Signing out, your friend, your family, your skipper.