Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hello from 2 Ghosts! We started off today with a short sail to the wreck of the Rhone. After eating oatmeal and setting up our dive gear, we splashed for an amazing view, including four sharks and the remains of the ship. Following the dive, we headed to do a trek of the nearby Salt Island. Afterward, we hopped in a dinghy and headed back to the boat for a ramen lunch and a motor back to GHP. As soon as the anchor dropped, our dive gear was assembled for rescue exercise 4 and 5. After executing all the procedures and search patterns, we had snorkeling and free time. We just finished eating caesar salad and squeeze. The sunset is amazing tonight, but the pelicans are insane! I love this crew and never want to come home (sorry mom and dad!) Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! (Also I do miss you mom and dad – can’t wait to see you soon!)

P.S. Shout Out to Diane, your daughter is the most amazing staff member!!!