Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The clouds hung low over Vixen Point as morning rose. Sleepy crew members quickly rushed to get dressed and ready for a busy day ahead. After a brief breakfast, crew members boarded a dinghy and were shuttled off to the first adventure of the day: snorkeling in the mangroves. Mangrove tree roots hang into the sea, and many fish dove to lay their eggs under its protective branches. Small fish were everywhere. Schools of fish blanketed the water as far as the eye could see. Afterwards, we all went back to Sambamba to wakeboard, waterski, and learn how to tie monkey’s fists. Myself, not being a fan of wakeboarding, dedicated my time to tie a monkey’s fist. Monkey’s fists are complex knots used to weigh down lines for throwing. After tying my knot, I proudly tied it to my water bottle where it will (hopefully) stay until the end of time. After delicious deli sandwiches, Gatorade, fruit, and PB+J, the Sambamfam headed out to a diving test. This test was performed on a sandy, shallow sea bottom. It was a navigation test. After five minutes the entire sandy sea floor was kicked up by our twelve crew. Despite this, everyone passed with flying colors. Afterwards, we all boarded Picos, small sailboats, and took to the sea. It was a blast. Soaring through the sea, there was finally some peace and quiet. Crew members slowly put back the boats, raised the anchor, and left the rafted sailboats behind. This day, however, is not over. As I write this entry I am preparing for the biggest event yet; the best beach party of my life! date: Aug 4, 2017