Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today it was ridiculously sunny and calm with no rain (crazy man!) and not much wind and waves. The visibility in the water was awesome. Today most of our boat took their open water dive exam and everyone passed obviously because our boat rocks. During the time the four people in advanced scuba got ready for our next few dives, which I think are the boat dive, deep dive, and the Rhone. After that I went on a dive which was 65 minutes around the reefs and it was so cool, I felt like I was swimming around in a huge aquarium because of all the colorful fish that I’ve totally seen in aquariums. The next thing we did was practice driving the boat on mooring balls, which makes no sense to you non-sailing bloggers, but no worries because the first few tries the crew might have been in a similar state of confusion…. However our sailing skills are coming along nicely. Overall the mooring ball thing was fun since Craig and Ted were on a roll with the jokes. After that we sailed Picos and swam from the boat, which was relaxing and fun. As I write this, huge tarpon are jumping out of the water, and the sunset is beautiful. Tomorrow we are doing laundry. Why am I horrible at packing- I’m about to run out of t-shirts, and my bag is massive! We are doing other things tomorrow, I’m pretty sure we’re all diving and the Vegas have their first open water dive and I’m excited for them and excited for my own too! I’ve really loved diving here, the water and marine life are unreal. Basically today was awesome.