Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a great day for the people aboard Spindrift II. We started the day with oatmeal for breakfast and went underway to the next dive site where the wreck of the RMS Rhone lies. After a brief history of the wreck, we got our gear and headed into the ocean. The dive was an incredible experience and full of beautiful fish. Everyone was able to do a swim through the wreck, and when we surfaced, we all talked about the amazing we had seen. After putting our dive gear back, we took a dinghy to Salt Island and learned about the victims and survivors of the Rhone. We also took a hike on Salt Island and enjoyed the view and company of the other boats. Back at the boat, we had a lunch of soup and imminently went back underway to GHP. At GHP, the group did a snorkel to prepare for our upcoming night dive. During our snorkel, we saw many Christmas Tree Worms, and we even saw a small Green Sea Turtle. After the snorkel, we hung out on the boat, talking to one another until our salad dinner was ready. The rest of our day was spent preparing for our night dive. Overall today was an unforgettable experience, and our crew was able to become closer as friends.