Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The ninth day of this luscious voyage began with a beautiful breakfast, heaven in a blanket (breakfast burritos), along with an invigorating sheet of sun energy that woke me up. After the breakfast had found its way into the Bella Vitan’s stomachs and a swift cleanup, adrenaline engulfed adults who I call my shipmates piled into a speedy dinghy to travel across the anchorage to another boat, which is comprised of all divemasters. My fellow divemasters and I, four of whom reside on my boat, transformed from immature coming adults into wise souls who care about the safety of younger souls- that which is comprised of new divers, and value standards of role model behavior. The entire Bella boat went diving the entire morning. Carinas went on some open water dives while the divemasters either helped the other people begin the spark of breathing underwater or continuing their own burning flame of breathing underwater with some skills necessary for mastery. Lunch composed of all you can eat grilled cheese sandwiches, which we ate after the heartwarming morning dives had come to an end. The Carina’s, in the afternoon festivities, went sail miniature flat sailboats called Picos to fine-tune their sailing. Evidently, it was a blast, for the Picos were making record scalding speeds across the ocean with pinpoint accuracy on the tacks and jibes. They then went for some waterskiing, because, well, it is fun. On the other hand, the divemasters of Bella Vita maintained a work hard play hard attitude and the illusion of embodying mature adults. The divemasters either courageously ventured into open waters in dinghies to fill dive tanks, assisted the molding of new open water divers, or helped the fearless instructors and students with the construction of dive gear setup. Although many objects were lost in the sands of the deep blue waters of the oceans, the ActionQuest crew showed and owned their perseverance to fix every rising situation in a heartbeat. I guess that is why they are called ActionQuest. Tonight there will be a chicken Caesar salad, which is in the process of being assembled, so I must now stop the scripting of this blog to train my stomach to handle the magnitude of tonight’s meal. Much love, peace.