Location: Marina Cay

We started off the day with a tasty breakfast of cereal, and then were immediately off to our dive of the day. Our dive today was at a place called The Chimneys. My group of Carinas, Jesse, Luca, Daniel, Ellie, and I got to swim with a sea turtle, a lobster, and found some freaky fish. After our dive we got back to our boat find that Gordo was solo sailing it around the islands and we had to board in motion. Once we got on the boat the real fun started. As soon as we started sailing we could see a squall approaching a half mile away. We found ourselves in 30 knot winds, heeling over a lot in the water. While we were sailing in these crazy winds, Simon, Graham, and Sara came by to hop on. After a good 45 minutes of this awesome sailing Chris took the helm from me and Daniel and I proceeded to curve Goldfish into the wind, trying to get it in each others mouths. We only succeeded once. We then had a tasty lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. Food coma hit us hard, and Daniel and I slept. I think we were sailing then. Our evening activity today was a Lifeworks activity where we listened to a motivational tape. All in all it was an amazing day, with great sailing and great food.