Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day with a quick breakfast after sleeping in a little later than usual: 7 am! After cleanup, we headed over to the Rhone, an unbelievably cool shipwreck. We all swam through the wreck and took tones of pictures. After motoring around the corner to Salt Island, we went on a leisurely hike up the mountain. The view from the top looked like the pictures you see on postcards! The water was every beautiful shade of blue, and the mountains provided the perfect backdrop for some great pictures. We then headed back to our previous spot in GHP and had a lunch of white bean soup. I got to drive the boat, which was kind of weird for me, considering I’ve never even driven a car before. After slightly zig-zagging my way through the sail, we anchored back in GHP. The Neptunes then went skiing while the Rescues did rescue dive #3. We practiced search and rescue training for missing divers and assistance for divers who ran out of air. After dinner — a delicious chicken Cesar salad and rice — the Neptunes went on a night dive. Meanwhile, the Rescues listened to a rescue lecture from Sam about decompression illness and rescue breathing. Neptunes and Rescues gathered back together on Mahi Mahi to finish off the day with brownie-cookies, deliciously baked by Tina. With full bellies and tired eyes, we all fell asleep after a great day!