Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started off like any other. We had breakfast, a wonderful combo of cereals, and then we were ready to leave. The destination was everyone’s favorite, the wreck of the Rhone. I drove there through rough seas with big swells. We got to the wreck, and then the challenge began, getting our gear set up in big waves. We all got into the water, and it was time to go down into the magical underwater world. We began by descending right on top of the wreck. We then, with the lead of Mike, swam through the bow, which was incredible! Continuing on our dive, we went to parts of the engine which were covered in schools of fish of all kinds. After that, we went to the stern, where we saw a beautiful spotted eagle ray gracefully gliding/flying through the water. After the dive, we continued to our next destination, Salt Island. We had a nice hike. Afterward, I sailed with Sam on the hardest point of sail, wing on wing, with only a little help. We got to Great Harbor Peter and had some free time just to hang around and talk about the dive. Then we had a rescue training session with Mahi Mahi while the Dolphins went on a trip to catch and tag turtles. During rescue, we saved Fred the invisible diver/the dive tank Sam had hidden. Everyone returned, and then we all had wonderful chicken Cesar salad. After clean up, we met up again with Mahi Mahi and the lucky Dolphin’s left for a night dive. Today overall, was one of the best days because of the wreck dive and the hike on Salt Island.