Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 9 began with a huge gust of wind swinging in my hammock. After a hazy-eyed hammock take-down, a bowl of cereal prepared me for a lesson in picking up mooring balls. We all got a turn driving the yacht around attempting to pick up a fender in the water. Afterward, we went on our final confined water dive, reviewing drills, and other essential skills. After a quick lunch of Tuscan white bean soup, the Vegas took the final exam, which we all passed with flying colors. To celebrate, we zipped around the bay on Picos, small two-person sailboats. I only capsized once, but I did manage to ram straight into Pedro and Santiago’s Pico. The day ended with a huge dinner of chicken caesar salad, risotto, and corn. As I write this, the Divemaster students are gearing up for a night dive, and the Vegas are in for another Lifeworks session.

I’m looking forward to our first real open water dive tomorrow, and the next time we are in port.