Location: Marina Cay

Life is good onboard Distant Drums. We’ve been having sunny weather, excellent diving, our sails full with a good steady breeze, and to top it all off, wonderful shipmates and staff! Some of the highlights of our session so far have been knot typing, diving an airplane wreck at coral gardens, seeing dolphins at our bow while sailing to Anegada, diving the historical wreck the Rhone twice, dog piling on the trampoline after squeeze questions, diving the Korean freighter the Chikuzen, climbing at the baths, and night diving at Mountain Point. Also, to keep our trip interesting and everybody on their toes, we have been playing a game called assassin! Only Ben Tiger, Zach, and I are still alive!!! I am enjoying our group dynamics this session. Every single shipmate and staff member are just all around good people. Lindsay has been diving since the age of eleven and was already an exceptionally good diver before coming to AQ. However, I’ve noticed a solid improvement in just the past few days with her fin kicks, buoyancy, and navigation skills. Ben Tiger has a great sense of humor! He never fails to put smiles on our faces. Especially during squeeze questions. He also has good eyes. While diving today, he spotted a hawksbill turtle that swam with us for a good three minutes! The way Trevor maneuvered from boulder to boulder at the baths was surely impressive. I think he could give a mountain goat a run for his money. Trevor also can climb up the bridal line using only his toes. Adam is an extremely competent shipmate.

When it is time to get underway, and the staff is asking shipmates to put on their PFDs, not only does Adam already have his PFD on but hes also at the bow ready to untie and pull in the mooring line! Elana is a pure joy to dive with; her underwater photography skill amaze me! Elana learns extremely fast. First time driving a dinghy she was spot on. Her man-overboard drill topped her instructors! Isaac is a complete natural in the water. He completed his open water course his second day at AQ. Isaac’s first certified dive was very challenging; a wreck dive on the Rhone in strong current. He had no problem keeping up with people who had been diving for years! Zach has an amazing ability to start and control the flow of interesting conversations for our group, especially during mealtime. He is rarely alone; other shipmates are drawn to his presence. Sam’s excitement over all the new fish he’s identified after each dive or just over life, in general, is so contagious. I hope he never loses that. Shais willingness to try everything new blows me away! A staff member only has to show Shai hoe to do a certain task once, and he never forgets it/ Steph is so fascinated with marine biology. O really enjoy looking through the lifelike sketches she draws of fish in her fish ID journal. Kira’s constant smile and positive attitude always boost the morale of our crew. I absolutely love that she has a passion for wreck diving as well! Jess’s knowledge of marine life is limitless. Every day, shipmates and staff are learning new things from her.

I am also impressed with her ability to start the compressor every time. Tina can handle anything. One minute shes single-handedly cooking a meal for 15 and the next she’s taking apart a regulator and then reassembling it/ for an equipment specialty lecture. Yesterday Tina saved our Chikuzen dive by snorkeling to the mooring ball loop and passing a line back to our boat in a strong current and big swells! Everybody loves our skipper Ben D he has such a talent at balancing his relaxed nature while maintaining control and ensuring the safety of everyone on board. What can I say? This has been a great first half of third session. I have high hopes that the rest of the trip will only get better.