Location: Marina Cay

Even over the sounds of the dive compressors, you can hear laughter coming from The Love Boat. It is hard to believe that it has already been nine days since the crew met, but to an outsider, it would seem as if everyone has been lifelong friends. While all sharing a love of diving, everyone brings something unique to the boat and what a multi-talented group we have! Istvan is teaching everyone how to dance Merengue. Maddie L. has impressed with her acting and ability to speak in a thousand accents. Jared wowed us with his wakeboard skills and deadpan sense of humor. Tyler’s infectious smile and Alex’s joking always keep Love of My Life in high spirits. Erin and Jessica proved to be the heroines of the rescue training session #3, finding both our simulated missing divers. Boyd and Quinlin have been on top of their Rescue course work and are already thinking about becoming Divemasters. Maddie A. is capable of doing anything she claimed that she wasn’t a very good cook, yet made the most delicious dinner to date. Our advanced divers, Gabe, Wilks, and Amy, have just completed their second night dive and are accumulating certifications at an amazing rate. Today is the halfway mark of the trip, and the fun is just getting started. If the first 9 days are any indication of how the rest will go, there might not be a dry eye on board when it comes time to say goodbye.