Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today definitely was a great one! We started out with the regular 6:30 am wake-up to some amazing leftover breakfast burritos from yesterday’s Mexican night, compliments of Diego and Astrid. Then Rossi had their first official Pico race, Pico Babies vs. Pico Nation. It was an extremely close race, but the Pico Babies prevailed. The winning team: Diego, Tash, Astrid, Gino, Ella, and yours truly. After an intense race, we did our second confined water dive of the trip! We finished our last three skills and are finally ready to do our first open water dive of the session! The whole crew is super pumped! After a lunch of beautiful grilled cheese and one singular bowl of ketchup, we moved on to man overboard drills on the 50ft monohulls. After man, many attempts to retrieve our friend the floating fender, we successfully rescued him several times and had a blast directing where to go. Finally, we went to Bella to learn everything there is to know about navigation with Smudge. For dinner, an amazing chicken salad was prepared by our lovely chefs, along with Tyler’s wonderful purple juice (Gatorade + lemonade)! We are now retiring to a scuba chat and a relaxing night under the stars.