Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at GHP, where we had oatmeal for breakfast. As soon as we were all finished eating, we embarked on our sail to Salt Island, where we dove the Rhone, a wreck. When we had our gear ready, we jumped in the water. As we started to descend, we could see the wreck under us. As we swam inside the wreck, we saw many colorful fish. When we exited the wreck, we saw a huge Sea Turtle sitting there calmly. We swam around the wreck for a while then ascended back to the boat. When we were all back on the boat took apart our gear and then got dressed and sun-screened for our hike on Salt Island. On our hike, we visited the memorial for those who died on the Rhone. After that, we continued on our hike and learned the history behind Salt Island and enjoyed the beautiful views. When we returned to the boat, we had lunch and sailed back to GHP. When we arrived, we snorkeled our night dive site, and we saw many tarpon and stingrays swimming below us. When we came back up, we got our gear ready for our night dive then we chilled as dinner was being prepared. Now we are waiting for our instructors to prep us for our night navigation dive!