Location: Marina Cay

All the shipmates woke up bright and early to the sound of seagulls calling each other this morning, after which they had a filling breakfast of scrambled eggs and refreshingly juicy cantaloupe. Immediately following breakfast everybody made their way to the bow to set up their dive gear for the first solo dive of the session, where the students take the wheel (or in this case, the compass) and navigate their own dishes. During the dive, groups collected data for their marine biology research projects. Despite less than pristine visibility, all the divers did an immaculate job of staying on track and not getting lost, with the bonus of seeing some incredibly neat creatures along the way. Everybody was elated when they surfaced; there wasn’t one diver who wasn’t smiling ear to ear! After breaking down the equipment, divers rotated through much-coveted freshwater Hibiclens showers in preparation for the excursion to shore at Trellis Bay. While on shore, shipmates had hot meals at local restaurants, bought cute trinkets and souvenirs, called their parents, or just relaxed in the whimsical hammocks that were strung beneath a tropical canopy of palm trees. Waving goodbye to the quirky thatched roods and coconut shell decorations of Trellis Bay, students embarked once again for the ocean. A shipmate cooked dinner of salad and tortellini with garlic toasted was made with care and subsequently devoured. The day isn’t over yet, however; as AQ shipmates still have tonight’s Lifeworks forum to attend. Everyone is excited and unwinding after a long, eventful day of adventures, and now I am off to do the same.