Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today Squeakybrat started the day with eggs and muffins cooked by our excellent chefs Corinna and Maddy. The AQ fleet had a rotation day today, meaning the shipmates rotated between activities every two hours. Maddie, Ben, and Corinna completed two fish identification dives before lunch. They saw tons of groovy fish, such as a moray spotted eel and a squirrelfish. They said it was very satisfying to see the fish they have been studying in real life. After lunch, the Carina’s went Picoing. The DMs were dispersed, doing numerous activities, including assisting with open water divers doing confined water dives, leading advanced divers on fish identification dives, helping with surface support, working on our own diving skills, and swim tests. I was very excited to get to work with scuba students for the first time. I loved seeing their eyes glisten when they aced a skill they were working on. Josie and Alex W. say it was amazing to share our DM knowledge with new students. Another high point of my day was doing a full equipment exchange while diving at depth with Josie in the morning and Quinlin in the afternoon and getting a perfect score both times. This evening everyone returned to Squeakybrat (who is squeaky clean compared to some other boats) wiped out from our awesome day. We ate chicken Caesar salad and risotto for dinner that Alex H. lovingly prepared for us. Dinner ended on an exciting note when we saw a helicopter that we believe was Richard Branson’s. I hope everyone’s doing well back home and not too jealous of these shipmates.