Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we had a great first day at Mountain Point. The Carinas and Vegas started the day by taking two very long dives. Meanwhile, the Questers and I got some free time on the boat. It was great to be able to take in the scenery and talk with friends. Later, all the Questers got to sail the Picos. I got to skipper and it was so much fun! Then we all got to come back together to eat lunch and swap stories about our mornings. After that the divers sailed the Picos and the Questers snorkeled. I saw a huge turtle and tons of parrot fish. Following our beautiful snorkel we went on a hike at Savanna Bay while the divers practiced knots. We hiked across the island and were able to see the contrast between the windward and leeward sides. By picking up plastic around the island, we had the ability to see, firsthand, the effects of littering into the ocean. The hike was tiring but we were rewarded with a delicious dinner of chicken caesar salad, corn and risotto. Now we are playing a game and I have to go but today was definitely another perfect day in the BVI!!!