Location: Nevis

Today watch team 2 woke up early at 6 o’clock in the morning to pull in the anchor and raise the sail while watch team 1 slept until 9. After their three hours, watch team one took over and showed them how it was done, reaching speeds of up to 8 knots (about the speed of a sprint). For lunch, we took turns making sandwiches while sailing underway. After arriving at our destination at the island of Nevis, Kris went to go clear us into customs while the crew did a B.A. (boat appreciation). We organized our areas, swept the floor, and even cleaned toilets. After Squeaky Brat was squeaky clean, we went to go relax at the beach. After a while, the gang started up a game of soccer on the beach. The Americans showed up the Englishmen 5-4, all the goals being scored by Matt. Billy almost had a cool bicycle kick, which was assisted by a cross-field pass by Matt. After the victory was attained, the crew ate dinner at Sunshine’s bar and grill. The dinner was really delicious, consisting of Mahi Mahi, Chicken, Salad, Rice and Beans. Overall, it was a great first day on Nevis.