Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started the day with incredible scrambled eggs made by the chefs. After breakfast, we began to Pico. There was very little wind, so it was more of a light cruise through the water as opposed to a ferocious tearing through the waves. This was a very nice wake-up as it was so relaxing. Next, we chilled on the boat and ate salsa and chips while the open waters took their exam (which they all passed btw). Next was our dive. It was one of my favorite dives so far. I saw many cool fish and a turtle, which was very exciting. We then had a very interesting navigation chat with the notorious Andy. I learned a lot, but we also had loads of fun. We ended the day with an exhilarating shower and a wonderful dinner of rice and chicken. We had a Lifeworks Forum lead by Emily, which made us all closer if that’s even possible. After we went on deck and watched the stars and contemplated the meaning of it all and how big our universe is and how small we are in comparison. We then discussed how if you lay on your back, look up at the mast spreaders, and zone out, it feels like you’re on a spaceship heading full speed into the galaxy. We then fell asleep.