Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

At 3:00 AM, Tina woke up in a panic to a banging on her cabin window with a bright light burning her eyes. Jumping out of her hatch Tina is startled by a stranger shining his flashlight while yelling, “your anchor is dragging!” Tina completely frightened turns to wake up Matt, our amazing skipper. Ninja-like, Matt launched out of his hammock to the power tower, finding our boat dangerously close to the stranger’s two million dollar catamaran. After three painful attempts at re-anchoring our boat, Matt is finally contempt with the positioning of the anchor. After three horrific, sleepless hours, Matt wakes the shipmates. After a delicious breakfast consisting of gourmet packaged oatmeal and delicately sliced cantaloupe, we had a beautiful sail to the Rhone. The Rhone, sunken by a horrible explosion caused by a damaged engine due to a massive hurricane, is one of the most beautiful wrecks we have the pleasure of diving. Seeing majestic lobsters hiding in the coral, Hannah surfaced from our dive quite excitedly. After calming down and a quick nap, we made our way to Salt Island, where unidentified men and women from the Rhone were beautifully buried. We paid our respects with a moment of silence and continued our way to the top of Salt Island and enjoyed a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. After the hike, we were on our way to GHP. At GHP, the rescue divers were faced with the challenge of finding a lost tank and weight belt named Noah. With hard work and dedication, we finally found the missing objects. After a great search and recovery dive, we had to move the boat across the anchorage.

Love Whit!