Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I, along with several other crew members, was awoken under a refreshing raincloud, looking forward to an exciting and memorable day. After cleaning up our cereal bowls, we set up our scuba gear, anxious to submerge the waters of Mountain Point. This was definitely the best yet! We saw several tropical fish, tons of coral, and a giant lobster. Soon after, Oscar, Bret, Devlin, and I went onto a super dinghy to kneeboard and waterski. I kneeboarded, or rather, tried to kneeboard. Bret successfully kneeboarded, and Devin waterskied very comfortably and even showed off some of her fancy tricks, which were actually very cool. After lunch, Changes enjoyed a really interesting navigation chat with our captain. This was followed by a mooring lesson, also with Sam. After this long day, the crew was definitely ready for the best dinner of all, Mexican night. The chefs, Henry and Sam, did a fantastic job. As we clean up under the sunset, we are looking forward to our night dive tomorrow.