Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Once upon a time in the magical AQ sea, a little boat by the name of Gemini went from being a dinghy to a yacht. With DM Dimples as our skipper, we began the day with an early rise to get our boat to the dive location. The open water students came over to the boat to finish off the confined water dives. The Vegas jumped in the water and with the help of the Divemasters, instructors and Manic, they were able to finish their confined water dives. Today, all of the Divemasters got to finish the stress test. The stress test is where two DM students use one regulator to breath from while swapping all their gear, from mask to fins. After running all the empty tanks to Manic, we quickly whipped up an amazing chicken Caesar salad for dinner. We then split up and 3 DM’s had the chance to go on a night dive with Aaron’s torch that put the power of the sun in the hands of Ian. The rest of us had a nice relaxing Lifeworks talk before we all separated to our cabins for the night.