Location: Marina Cay

It’s about that time where everyone is bonding and really getting to know each other, hence “Hump Day” halfway through the trip, and everyone is starting to realize how quick this trip is going. Today was jam rocked with adventure and sights that were very rare to see. The day started with the Neptune’s traveling to another boat for a brief and dive. This was an 80-foot wreck dive. Intense, thrilling, and chilling diving into the deep depths of the ocean and observing a boat corpse. This was only my second wreck dive, but wreck dives are so amazing, it makes you think what else could be hiding in the ocean. After the dive, we skipped back to Second Wind so we could set sail. The boat really got to know one another a little more today. How I can prove, this is that the boat had a screeching battle with one of our staff members. We started cruising through the Caribbean, heading to port for a meal. We all got to port, and Justin, Logan, and I went to find a meal. I haven’t had some good fried calamari in awhile. The little restaurant we came across had some delicious fried calamari. That was a great way to end the day. Now everyone is on the boat, and I can tell everyone likes each other and is comfortable, I also know everyone will miss each other.