Location: The Dogs

Today I woke up this morning to the boat’s theme song “Good Life.” After I stuffed my sheet into my pillowcase I walked up into the cockpit where I found my roommate sleeping. Before long breakfast was ready. There was cereal and fruit. Most of my shipmates looked around them, still taking in how blue and beautiful the water is. After breakfast we had our second sailing lesson. We learned about fire safety, lights, dinghies, and docking as we waited for two other boats to finish diving. Later Charlie set up a rope swing and took amazing pictures of the landscape. Finally a dinghy picked us up and took us to the dive boat. As we set up our gear my friend Julia and I laughed and joked about all kinds of stuff as we usually do. We finally made it into the water where we did skills and just swam around with our instructor Evan. Once we reached the boat we unloaded our gear. Then we hopped on a dinghy that took us back to our boat. On our way back it started to rain. We quickly jumped onto our boats and raced downstairs. Within ten minutes the sky cleared up. We all then took a quick shower. Once everyone was clean, I skippered us to Spanishtown to get water. When the tank was filled I sailed us over to Marina Cay. On our way over we jibed, and Charlie, our sailing instructor, quizzed me on the parts of the sailboat and other basic knowledge on sailing. When we arrived Julia and Eloise made stroganoff for dinner. I am just about to finish off a great day with our daily squeeze, where we share our favorite part of the day and answer my skipper question which I still have to think of. I hope tomorrow will be as fun as today.