Location: Anegada

Day two in Anegada. We started with Torin playing the role of cab driver again for us, taking us to the Old Anegada Yacht Anchorage. From there, some of us went to tag turtles, and the rest of us went to the Anegada Rock Iguana Rehabilitation Centre. Nobody was working there that day, so we pretty much had to hop the fence to get into the iguana sanctuary. There were tons of beautiful young iguanas. I had never seen any before, so it was very interesting to see them. I hope we get the chance to go back and see them again. After seeing the Iguanas, I got a chance to go turtle tagging. Unfortunately, my specific boat didn’t catch any, but when we got back, I was able to record data for a different turtle that we caught. We ended up catching only two turtles, but I believe we will have the opportunity to go back and try again tomorrow. The turtles were amazing.

We then got shore time for about an hour to explore the shops in town and reconnect with home. It was nice to get in touch with everyone back at home and let everyone know how we’re doing. We then went back to the boat and hung out for the rest of the night. For dinner, we had risotto and salad with cookies for dessert. My squeeze question tonight was “what is one thing that has gotten you through everything in your life?” most peoples responses were parental related. All in all, today has been a really good day. We’re all enjoying the trip and the days continue to get better as it goes along.