Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, day 9, went from adventures in the sea to learn important skills on the boat. We started the day by waking up to the beautiful sunrise. We then enjoyed our scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins for breakfast. After we finished cleaning, we started another fun-filled day of rotations. We began our rotations by practicing with mooring balls. We all got a chance to practice parking the boat by taking the helm. All of us now know how to park on the mooring balls when we happen to be skipper. The next rotation for the Vegas was an adventure for all of us. We did our second confined water dive, to 10 feet, today. We mastered the skills that we learned in the last dive and learned more skills as well. After we take our exam tomorrow, we will be able to do our first open water dive. During that rotation, the students on Quest went for an exciting snorkel trip. It was an adventure filled morning, and we were all super hungry for lunch. The Tuscan white bean soup tasted delicious, as we were a little chilly from our dive. Lunch cleaning was a little different than usual because we did the deepest and most intense deck clean since we arrived. Everyone worked together, and the deck was spotless when we finished. Our next rotation was waterskiing and wakeboarding, which is a favorite for many. During our time being dragged by the boat, we saw a huge rain cloud coming straight towards us. We tried to get back to the boat as soon as possible.

However, we ended up soaking wet. While we waited for the next rotation, we played fun games, such as Mafia and Psychiatrist. Our final rotation of the day was navigation, where we learned how to use a chart and a plotter to learn how not to get lost if our GPS broke. After an eventful day, we are all ready for dinner. Tonight Mike, the ActionQuest director, is joining Astrid for a dinner of Caesar salad with chicken. We will also be enjoying corn and risotto before we have our dive test review session. Finally, after a long day, we will be able to get our beauty sleep.