Location: Marina Cay

As soon as the clock hit 6:30, the early risers shot up and prepared for the day. The still sleepy sailors stayed inanimate until they realized that today was a big day! There was so much we had to pack into our too small day. To name a few things we had to do, we had to: leave Great Dog and sail to Marina Cay, take a 40 ft. dive (our deepest dive yet), pick up fresh food and linens, and clean our heads (bathrooms) yay! We managed to accomplish these tasks with the help of our amazing chefs who made us some of the most amazing grilled cheese I think I have ever eaten. After that, we decided to go sailing for a while. We had a great time hauling halyards and furling jibs and the wonderful feeling of nature propelling you is unforgettable. I cannot wait until tomorrow so we can have another great experience, but first, we must sleep, so until tomorrow, fellow adventurers.