Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a big day for us beginner divers, as we not only got to scuba dive, but we also took our diving certification test! We started the day early and put our scuba gear together (which I’m finally getting the hang of) and dove in! Once about seven feet down, we began doing drills with our instructor, such as filling up and taking off our masks. Unfortunately for some of us, including myself, it was hard to equalize our ears, so we ended the dive early. We all made it into the water for a little though, and even caught a glimpse of a big school of fish! After that, we took our 50 question diving test, yikes! We then had a yummy lunch of soup, then went on the Picos, the mini sailboats. The wind was pretty strong, though, so for some of us, flipping over was inevitable! We ended our long day with some mooring practice, and now we’re back at the boat cooking dinner. It’s been a long, eventful day, but a fun one!