Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we spent the day without our beloved Astrid. Eli had to spend the day in a nearby port getting a part fixed on the boat. Nevertheless, we still did our best to enjoy the day. First of all, we boarded another boat to take our PADI final written exam. Despite the inevitable panic before the test, everybody came out extremely pleased. Following on from this we moved on to Pico sailing. Due to the strong wind and wet weather, our ventures on the Picos were somewhat more tumultuous than our previous attempts. Then came a cramped lunch on another ship. However, our spirits were soon raised by the forthcoming dive, the second of the trip for the Vegas. This was performed with success, and we are all just three dives away from gaining our certification. Our final rotation of the day was to practice mooring the boat on mooring balls. Supper was proceeded by a large squeeze together with the crew of Wicked Good, another boat. After leaving them, we were finally reunited with our “home ship” and our captain. There were tears of joy, and long embraces (and we hadn’t even noticed Eli yet!). We are still having an incredible time, but although we miss home, we don’t want to go home.