Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already day 9! It’s going by fast, and I don’t want it to end. We started the day with probably the best ActionQuest scrambled eggs in the history of the program, along with toast and some water. Then we relaxed on the boat for several hours. As a group, we practiced MOB drills (man overboard drills) about 12 times with two instructors, Jack and Liam. So yes, we could have paid more attention to learning MOB drills, but in my defense, 12 times is a lot to handle when you are surrounded by such a beautiful atmosphere. Our tummies were growling by 12:30 and so we sat in our anchored boat to eat a fabulous Tuscan white bean soup. Later on today we will have a dive test, and I am very scared. I have already passed each quiz, but this is the exam that truly counts to get our certification! Luckily we had a dive chat earlier this morning to review the test. After lunch was the first time, I went scuba diving that it was deeper than 5 ft. It was 10 ft.! Diving was exciting, but I enjoyed wakeboarding the most. I got to be on a dinghy with really cool people, and I’ve never seen our staff member, Liz, laugh so hard. Guess what?! I stood up for what seemed like the first time (but the second), and it was amazing. The dinghy and I came back home and were served a yummy dinner by Ben and Bernardo. Today was my turn to say the squeeze question, and I asked: “what are three accomplishments you would like to do before college.” We got some very deep and thoughtful answers, which I thought were very interesting. Overall, today was a great day in general. Anyways, bye for now!