Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another exhilarating day of various activities. Our first activity was navigation, where we learned how to correctly use a compass with Dave. Then we went sailing on the Zests! Although our team lost, it was still very fun to capsize the boat with “the other Grace,” we had an amazing time! Then we had a delicious lunch of grilled cheese! Then we went to watersports, and I did a 180 on a kneeboard but wiped out afterward. After we all got a chance to try out the different watersports we learned how to tie monkey’s fist knots. After knot tying and kneeboarding and kneeboarding we went to diving! It was our last confined water dive. It was quite cold, but it was still fun. For dinner, we had delicious chicken caesar salad and risotto! Today was one of the most fun yet!