Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day nine started bright and early (like normal) with our usual morning wake-up music. Everyone was informed of their daily duties, then breakfast was started. Today we were spoiled with an amazing breakfast burrito. After, we got to learn about our daily activities starting with wakeboarding. Then our last confined water dive followed by an amazing white bean soup for lunch which helped us warm up after the dive. We then had a quick cleanup and have an amazing navigational boat talk that Jake led. He showed us some important parts of the boats, how to work and also how to fit them. Then after, we watched an inspirational movie about a girl who sailed around the world by herself. Following that, we had time to hang out. This consisted of sunbathing and workouts (Ryan and myself). Dinner was chicken Caesar salad with risotto. After, we had our daily squeeze. The squeeze is always my personal favorite part of the day. We always get together and talk and grow closer like a family. At the end of the day, we had a final scuba chat with a scuba exam. And finally, we all got to go to bed after an amazingly good day.