Location: Marina Cay

Today was a chill day. The trip started out with a bit of a sleep in for the Bella Vita. After our cereal breakfast, we set sail and headed off to the Dog Islands for a little more rest and relaxation. On the way to George Dog, we were met up with a family of three dolphins. While everyone rushed to get their cameras, Justin kept on the helm. Once we got to George Dog, two of our students took the open water dive test and dive table test. They somehow finished while we were loudly relaxing on the deck! After that, we traveled on Bolt over to Great Dog for our second open water dive. My group consists of our dive instructor Max, Caroline, and myself. We went through this awesome swim through! It started off going through this cave, it got really dark, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. It then opened, well actually closed, into a tiny path about two and a half feet wide. The fish we saw were amazing. This ranged from pufferfish to lobsters to parrotfish. We are now currently resting in Marina Cay. All in all, it was an amazing day.