Location: Marina Cay

We all had a wonderful day of sailing and fun! There was speed, drifts, and Ian took us to Beef Island instead of Marina Cay! First, we woke up to some great music of the morning CD, and then we were underway. There was one moment when someone yelled group hug! And we all went in for a hug. I was on the helm at the time and had to steer with my foot while hugging the group. After taking a mooring ball and going diving at the Dogs, we were sailing once again! This sail was way more eventful, of course, starting out with some epic speed out of the mooring area. Ian, our mate, thought that we were going directly to Beef Island, but found out just as we had to catch a mooring that we were going first to Marina Cay. We went on the dock at Marina Cay for fuel and water. After this, we went back to Beef Island to get some shore time. We got our phones to call our parents and friends, and some money in our pockets to get lunch and some snacks for the boat. Then, yes, it was back to Marina Cay for an intense Lifeworks Forum. It was another awesome day at ActionQuest!