Location: Marina Cay

We fell asleep to a beautiful sunset and woke up to a marvelous sunrise at George Dog. We ate a hearty breakfast of cereal and fruit. Today was another rotation day, so we switched groups between activities. The Questers and Carina’s got into Rescue, our dinghy, and went snorkeling and scuba diving. The Vega’s stayed behind to study for the upcoming sailing test while sharing a pack of Oreos with tarpon fish. The scuba dive was in a wonderful place called the Chimneys. There was a gorgeous coral reef. We got to swim next to one side of a giant boulder. The wall was covered by so much coral and bursting with life. It was like underwater graffiti because it was so colorful. We also saw a shrimp station where shrimp eat the dead skin of other fish or something like that. Right after the dive, we were greeted by a shower of rain. While eating delicious Ramen noodles and making a huge mess, we sailed to Marina Cay to stock up on gas and water. The station has an adorable old-fashioned British phone booth. We went to port around the corner at Trellis Bay, where there was an artisan studio, and everything was made naturally. We enjoyed pizzas at the cyber cafe and discovered that the grocery store has Tate’s cookies. We anchored in Marina Cay and had a meeting with Mike, the director, and listened to a very moving audiotape. It was surprising to find out that the tape is about 20 years old and still relatable. I feel that everyone took something from the meeting.