Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we started the day off with a breakfast of eggs and bacon. When all the dishes were cleaned, we all made our way onto Tiger Pause, where we went Pico sailing. Alex and I got on a Pico, and the wind was perfect. After sailing we went back to our boat for lunch, we ate Tuscan white bean soup. After lunch, we chilled on the deck and reviewed for our open water dive exam. We made our way to Calypso and had our exam, and once we all knew the results of our exams, we went to Gemini and got our scuba gear ready for our confined dive. As we dove, we practiced our skills, and then we enjoyed all the sea life around us. We were surrounded by squid, fish, and beautiful shells. After our dive, we came back to the boat, and we showered and played cards as we waited for our dinner to be ready. After dinner, we all went around the table, stating our favorite part of the day, and then we enjoyed the beautiful sunset.