Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an early start for the chefs and me. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain last night, so I slept on the deck the whole night! Anyways, I got the privilege of playing the morning CD at 6 am. We had a slow start, but at 6:30 we raised anchor and started motoring to Mountain Point. We had breakfast on the way. It was another rotation day! First, we had man overboard drills on our boat. The Vegas took their dive tests while the Carinas sat down and just talked. Then we came back to the boat to have lunch. After we cleaned up, we all went to the dive boat. The Vegas went on another confined water dive while the Carinas took a dinghy and did our underwater naturalist dive. It was a lot of fun! After that, we went to Vivo Libre and did watersports. I was with Josie and Nina. I went kneeboarding and wakeboarding. I can get up; I can’t stay in the wake! Josie went wakeboarding, and so did Nina. Nina got up for her first time! It was very exciting! We took our showers and are listening to music while the chefs are making dinner. It’s amazing how fast time passes here! Brandon, Oscar, Chris, and I are all very excited for our night dive tonight! Nina is a little apprehensive, but I think we all are going to have a lot of fun!