Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day (we had like 4 in a row). We started the day with scrambled eggs and cranberry muffins. After we finished cleaning the dishes, we immediately started our first activity. We hopped into the dinghy and started our watersports. Eli absolutely rocked the wakeboard, and Pepe managed his first 360 on the kneeboard. It was also a big day for me because I managed to stand up waterskiing. After that, we did our second confined water dive. We learned how to stay neutrally buoyant, how to breathe from a free-flowing regulator, and lots more. Our lunch was a very delicious Tuscan bean soup with saltine crackers. After lunch, Smudge took us to another boat called Elowyn Sage to learn how to tie onto a mooring ball and learned some more about steering the boat as helmsman. For dinner, we had a salad and some risotto. We also had Mike (the director of AQ) over for dinner. After dinner, we played a game called cards. A bunch of cards with pictures on them were thrown on a table, and you had to pick pictures that represented something good about you, something bad about you, and what you think a friend is. The Barracudas left for a night dive, and the Vegas (I’m in that group) have to stay and take a test for the scuba certification. After the Barracudas get back, we’ll have some brownies and rest for a new day full of fun and new things (for example, our first open water dive).