Location: Marina Cay

This morning we got to sleep until a whopping 7 am! It was nice to get the extra sleep, and breakfast at 8 am almost felt like brunch! At around 8:45, we went on our first dive of the day. Because I am on the Dolphin program, we did one of our research dives for our research paper. During this dive, we took a 330ft measuring tape and counted the number of isopods attached to Squirrelfish. Isopods are close relatives to shrimp and feed by attaching onto fish and mooching off of the food that fish miss. This dive was extremely special today because it was our first dive without any instructors in the water. To have our first dive without instructors be an extremely successful research dive made us so proud of our group and ourselves. Later, we went to port to refill on water then we headed to port. After visiting port, many massages were passed around before dinner. Later we will be doing Lifeworks, a major bonding experience where all shipmates meet at the bow to talk about things. Our entire group grew so much closer, so I am excited to experience it again. Peace out from Distant Drums!