Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today our day started bright and early. We had to get up and have breakfast quickly because we were leaving to go to the Leverick Bay marina to fill up on fuel and water and take out the trash. This port wasn’t filled with a lot of shops, but it had a nice food market where we all restocked on snacks and drinks. We also had the chance to call home and say hi to our friends and family. After we headed out for our two to three-hour sail to Anegada. The weather was beautiful today. The sun was out with some breeze. When the long ride was over, we spent some time on the shore of Anegada. We met up with the other boats and walked along the shore. One girl, Natalie, was buried in the sand! It was so funny. We all laughed as she tried to wiggle her way out. After about two hours on shore and pictures being taken, we headed back to Caribbean Soul. Today the advanced divers are going on night diving! I’m so jealous. Casey and Annabelle are making cookies and brownies so when the divers come back, they’ll have a delicious, hot dessert ready. Today was filled with things to do, and we’re all excited for rotations tomorrow.