Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We had an early start, but by now, we are all used to it. We had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and juice. After the dishes were cleaned, the Barracuda’s geared up and headed out or a dive while the Quest went snorkeling. We all saw some big moon jellies. After the dive, we started the rotation day. The three rotations were navigation/knots, sailing/watersports, and scuba diving. We learned five new knots. They were the figure 8, clove hitch, bowline, cleat, and a square knot. We also looked at a chart that showed us where we are going in the next few days. While the Barracuda’s and Vega’s were diving, Quest practiced what to do in emergency situations. The Barracudas dove alongside Mountain Point. In the next rotation, we waterskied, wakeboarded and kneeboarded, and took pictures of the activities going on. Then we all went in the Picos (small sailboats) and capsized roughly every minute. Next, the Vega’s took their final exam to see if they get their certificate for open water diving. They came back to Tiger Pause and started dinner. We had chicken Caesar salad, croutons, and risotto. We are now looking forward to the sail to the Dogs tomorrow!