Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We all woke up this morning to a large rainstorm, a dragging anchor, which made for an interesting morning. After resetting our anchor, we took out Rango with the wakeboards and kneeboards and had one of the best games of gnar on record. Fish and I tied for first with 75 gnar points, with Max in second with 45 points, and Beau from Rossi taking up the rear with 42. The water was smooth as glass, which led to some true shredding. Special thanks to Tor for keeping it real behind the wheel. After our early morning wakeboarding session, the beginner divers took their first open water dives, which were amazing. Afterward, we had a delicious lunch of Ramen, followed by a navigation lesson from Tor and Ian. Next, we took our open water certification exams. Tonight we will have our second sail chat, and then we wake up early tomorrow to bake a cake for Camilla’s birthday, and then we set sail for the Dogs!