Location: Oranje Baai, Statia

We started off the day with oatmeal for breakfast. After we finished cleaning up, we started to pack our bags for the rest of the day on Statia. Will and I, the only advanced divers in the group, were the only ones that could go on today’s dive, so the rest of the group went hiking the volcano on the island called the Quill. The divers left first so we could get to the dive shop to get our gear ready for the dive at 9:00. The boat that we dove on was 100 feet deep and 300 feet long. The boat was sunk in 2003, so it was still intact. We saw a turtle and lots of coral. The hike took the other group about 3 hours. At noon both groups met up at the dock to refill the boat’s water. After that, we went off on the island to try and find a restaurant. We ended up eating at a restaurant with a deck overlooking the water. When we finished, we went to a place with WiFi so we could use our phones. At 4:00, we all met back up at the dock to go back to the boat. We swam for a while until the chefs had to start making dinner. It was Mexican night, so we ate burritos. Overall, it was a pretty good day.