Location: Statia

Squeaky Brat had a fun time in Statia. We had our breakfast and quickly went onto the shore. Early in the morning, most people were not walking around, so it was a little baron in the beginning. Alex and I went onto shore first to walk around in the time before our dive. Almost immediately after going onto shore, we were met by a friendly brown dog that we quickly named George because we did not know its real name. While this was happening, the rest of the boat was getting ready for their hike. Soon after they started their hike, they met the same dog, and the dog followed them up the mountain. Right after lunch, girl Alex, Brit, and I got our dive gear and dove in the wreck named Charlie Brown. While we were diving, we saw a huge stingray, and after the dive, we got to know the people bringing us on the dive a bit more.
Meanwhile, on the hike, George, named by the rest of the crew as Squeaky B K-9 Unit, lead the rest of the crew up the mountain to where they saw a really cool view.  The hikers met some really cool people from Holland and had a wonderful conversation with them.
After the hikers returned from their hike and the divers returned from their dive, we all went to lunch together despite the fact that the divers ate before their dive. Some of us went together to a very nice Chinese restaurant, and the rest of the boat went to a different, very nice Chinese restaurant.
After everybody returned to the boat, we took our showers and had dinner. The squeeze question of the day was What are you missing from home right now? After the boat cleaned, we had a very nice sail chat about anchoring, right of way, and day shapes. A very active day in Statia finally ended, and after everybody had a little bit of fun on the deck of Squeaky-B, the day was finally but unfortunately over.