Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We rose heavy-eyed this morning after a long night of dancing at the first beach BBQ. Quickly after waking, we began the long sail to Great Harbor Peter, during which we ate our breakfast of oatmeal. We arrived at the harbor an hour early thanks to excellent winds on the way. This left a nice amount of time for snorkeling, lounging, and for some of us, sleeping. Soon we began our search and recovery exercise of the day. The exercise focused on the expanding square search pattern. We would perform the pattern until we found the weight belt (“missing object”). We would lift it up with the left bag. After finishing the exercise, we had more time to hang out and snorkel along with water sports. We had many good wildlife sightings, including large tarpon, flounder, squid, and a green sea turtle. We finished the day with chicken Cesar salad and a rescue diving lecture.