Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we all woke up to an oatmeal breakfast. It gave us the energy to power through our day. We were a little tired this morning because we all partied hard the night before. Our day consisted of first, Picos. Picos are a ton of fun! We get to sail around with our buddies in small sailboats. After sailing around, we played beach games! We played Alaskan baseball, beach volleyball, and capture the flag. Everyone has fun playing beach games. Even the instructors join in! After beach games, we went back to the boat for lunch and a dive chat. We had great deli sandwiches. Our dive chat consisted of the subject “night diving.” I’m very excited about our first-night dive tomorrow night! After lunch, we went out on the Rhodes, which are 19 ft. Long sailboats! They taught us a lot about sailing. Now we are making dinner. Tonight is Mexican night, my favorite!