Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Woken by tunes of the morning CD, the shipmates of Zourite were up by 6:30. By this time, the chefs of the day, Maddy and Becca, had already prepared our breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. This was delicious and perfect fuel for the busy day ahead. Our first step of the day was leaving Vixen Point and sailing a quick journey to the Bitter End Yacht Club. Here we were able to stock up on supplies (mostly snacks) and made a call home to catch up with our families. After everyone was back in their boats, the race to get to Anegada began. This was a three-hour sail, and I can proudly say Zourite remained in the lead and won the race! It was nice to see everyone working as a team motivated by friendly competition. Once we reached Anegada, a beautiful remote beach with pure white sand and clear blue sea, we were given time to relax and explore. We then returned to the boat and enjoyed a lunch of deli sandwiches. Last but not least, our final stop of the day was sailing to Mountain Point. The sail was great, and we all had a go at the helm to the background of Ella’s iPod. At Mountain Point, we had a Mexican night, which as usual, was delicious. In the theme of Mexico, I added a “Mexican wave” to our squeeze, much to the dispute of the Americans, who referred to it as “the wave.” Overall it was, to quote Jake, a “fan-freaking-tastic day.”