Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning, as usual, we started off waking up to some music and the beautiful BVI sun. We were all incredibly excited as we got ready for a fun-filled day. We started off sailing to Salt Island to dive the Rhone. It was incredibly cool to do all the swim-throughs, seeing lobsters, eels, and countless species of fish. After surfacing, we made our way to the other side of Salt Island to go on a hike with all of our friends from the other dive side boats. We paid our respects to those who were lost in the Rhone wreck at the burial ground, and then we proceeded to take pictures of ourselves and other shipmates just having a great time. We then came back to Mary Mo to have some delicious grilled cheese that Sam prepared for us. After we sailed right back to GHP so the Rescue divers could do their search and recovery dive, and the Neptunes scouted their night dive site and had some ice cream. It was really impressive to see all the Rescues from both boats come together and search a large area for a lost tank and bring it up successfully. Then after the dives, we spent some free time sleeping on deck or snorkeling. Dan and Ryan saw an eagle ray, and later, Dan, Gray, and Brandon jumped in to follow a barracuda. As we got ready for dinner, we played some music and sang Frozen songs. During dinner, Weston told us some more duck hunting stories that everyone found entertaining. Now the Rescues have their fourth lecture, and the Neptunes are heading over to Therapy for a night dive. Hopefully, tonight, there will be brownies!